Design Engineering Assistance

Need a little help with your design? Almost done just need a little help finalizing? No need to worry, we offer design engineering assistance to help you finalize your product design. We will bring our knowledge to the table along with your knowledge and create a magnificent product. Ensuring durability, quality, and perfection with each product that you would like for us to build for you.



Graphics Molded in or Molded On

Do you have a logo? Would you like to add some designs and colors to your product? If so, we offer Graphics Molding whether it’s in the product or on the product Atlanta Rotomolding will take care of you!

0415_MIGS-NEW Logo10H-FINAL_onWhite-02

Four Point Quality Control

Here at Atlanta Rotomolding, we use the Four Point Quality Control system which is part of our  for top quality products. Our Four Point Control System includes the following:


  •  continuous inspection of each step using visual and automated inspection procedures
  • testing samples of the finished mold
  • to ensure the ability to track the manufactured product quality control reports are recorded for each product mold
  • a bar code is attached to each product once completed



Short and Long Runs(no charge set-up fee)

We offer both short runs and long runs. There is not an additional set-up fee for this service. If you are interested in a short run which is considered a short contract then if it is available upon request. If you like our work and are interested in a long run which is a long-term contract that is available as well upon request.

We are here to satisfy your manufacturing needs!